OSR: The Secret of Steam Hill, Session 8 & 9

Last session, the party accidentally destroyed a phoenix-based magical steam reactor. Steam Hill is now just "Hill" or possibly "Crater Hill" or "The Hill Formerly Known As Steam".

The Party:
Cazael the spiderling fighter. Not very bright but also not very dead, so clearly doing something right.
The Paladin, a beetle-ling hermit, wanderer, and servant of the Authority.
Wonderwood Strongbow the Elf thief. Superior to everyone. Nominally in charge of counting and guarding the loot.
Slugsworth, a thief, and former... slug-of-the night. Slugsworth knows how to use a rope.
Bill the Orthodox Wizard. Bill is a wormling and a fairly terrible wizard. His two spells are "Saw and Plane Tree" and "Capture Wind".
Swainson, the hawkling Garden Wizard. Swainson is particularly timid and refuses to lick things to identify them.

After discussing their options, the party decided to continue looting the half-demolished complex. They didn't want to leave valuables behind for others to find.
Leaving Wonderwood behind to guard their accumulated hoard, the party descended into the crater once again. This time, they ignored the turbine room and focused on the partially collapsed passages leading from it. The first path they cleared provoked the giant transparent ooze. After beating a hasty retreat and putting additional rocks and pipe-sections in the path, the party agreed not to use that path. The ooze could maneuver around fallen debris and looked just like water; any expeditions would be in grave danger.

Instead, they decided to explore a sunken path newly revealed by the explosion. The section they could see was waist-deep in cold water. After sending in Swainson as a scout, the rest of the party climbed down and began exploring.

Their first major discovery was a badly damaged statue of a snake-creature-thing, holding its hands in an inverted triangle. (29) White light flickered sporadically inside the triangle, as if some internal mechanism had failed. Slugsworth poked it with a finger; the finger vanished, as if neatly snipped off by the flickering light. The inconvenienced slugling bandaged the stump and soldiered on.

Ignoring the deeper passage to the right, the party ventured to the left, where the water was merely waist-deep (30). The Paladin was bitten by a leech-like creature which began to glow blue-white. The Paladin gestured to the party. He didn't seem to take any damage; in fact, he felt healthier than ever. Old bruises and cuts healed and vanished. He felt spry! He felt good! He felt great!

He felt slightly worried. The party pulled the leech off and stuffed it into a flask. Slugsworth and Swainson then realized that leeches had attached to them too. They felt good! They felt great!

They started to panic. Swainson was hit particularly hard and was hyperventilating - and glowing faintly - when the leeches were finally removed. The party climbed atop a sunken stone table, checked for additional leeches, and debated their next move. Everyone who'd been bitten by the leeches for any length of time felt fantastic, if slightly manic.

Side Note: The party had just encountered the Leeches of Paradise!, creatures that heal you by biting you... until they don't. They get harder to remove each time you use them.

Bill bravely volunteered to explore the passage to the south. He discovered a set of 5 egg-like seats and a podium on the far side of a deep pool of water (31). He swam furiously, his little wormling limbs flailing, and reached the other side. One leech did get stuck to him. He tried to pull it off (despite feeling good!) and then hollered for help (even though he felt great!). The Paladin, weighed down by his chainmail and gear, swam-hopped over to help. They succeeded in removing the leech before anything happened, but Bill was shaking nervously and fidgeting. He discovered the podium and seats were magical, prodded a seat and caused it to glow white, and then swam back to report his findings.

Thoroughly sick of leeches, the party asked Bill to use his capture wind spell to freeze the water. He'd captured three hours of ice-cold mountain-top wind. With a wave of his hand, he set the wind loose. The party retreated, shivering, and found a passage to a higher area (32).

Finally out of the water, the party climbed the stone steps upwards to a huge vaulted room. Six statues of glowering snake-men guards with metal weapons monitored a gigantic barred stone door at the far end.

The party set off two traps in short order. The first was activated when Cazael pulled a sword from one of the statue's hands. Steel darts attached to chains fired from the walls, filling the room with a criss-crossing pattern of thin silver threads. The party very carefully removed the darts, causing a clicking sound in the walls with each movement, and then ran. Moments later, lightning flowed down the chains, crackling and sparking and filling the room with ozone. The party watched from a safe distance. Cazael clapped politely.

Once the chains and darts had retracted into their wall-sockets, the Paladin bravely crossed the hall to listen at the huge stone door on the other side. He activated a pressure plate and was swatted by a massive stone hammer that swung in from the right hand side of the room. He survived thanks to the invigorating after-effects of his leech encounter, but he was still winded and nervous.

The hammer revealed a small room with a bowl of gemstones on a plinth. Suspecting a trap, Cazael tossed a grappling hook at the bowl from a safe distance. It bounced off a barrier; the gems, plinth, and room were illusory. The hammer swung back, smashed the grappling hook into a flat plate, and revealed a second "gem room". This time, the plinth contained even more gems, and an attractive female (the party presumed) spiderling waved to Cazael from behind the treasure. He was not convinced.
Image not related, but it's very nice. By Igor Burlakov .
The party ignored the giant stone door. Instead, they climbed all the way back to the surface, circled around the crater, and climbed down the stairs (19) into a mostly unexplored section of the caverns. They found a locked iron door in room (20) with a polished lock and retractable bolts. While examining it, Bill set off a lightning bolt trap. The crackling purple bolt deafened the wormling and send him bounding around the room, expanding and contracting wildly. Luckily, thanks to the invigorating effects of the leeches, he suffered no other serious injuries. The party could communicate with him by bellowing straight into his ear.

Further wizard investigation indicated that the trap was still active. Worried, the party investigated the rest of the hallway. In a gigantic sunken chamber (28), they found a huge tentacled creature lurking and glowering. It grabbed Cazael and nearly strangled him, but the party bludgeoned it back and dragged their friend free. The creature's enormous bulk and lidless, staring eyes unnerved the party. It seemed to be guarding an sunken iron door.

"I HAVE A PLAN," Bill announced. The party pretended not to hear, and instead focused on the Paladin's plan. Communicated via diagrams and gestures, the Paladin suggested taking chains from the lightning trap in room (32) and linking them together, putting one end in the water of room (28), and then activating the lightning trap in room (20). He expected that the lightning spirit would fly out, pass down the chain, and strike the hideous creature dead.

After activating the trap in the statue hall and retrieving several lengths of chain, the party settled on a system. Bill, as the chief wizard, would throw the chain and leap back. The Paladin would assist, as Bill couldn't hear the signal from the rest of the party. Cazael would throw the chain into the water, run away, and give a signal. Slugsworth and Swainson would remain at a safe distance, "in case anything went wrong."

Luckily, nothing did go wrong. The lightning sped down the chain and sizzled into the water. After the shrieks and pops faded, the party carefully investigated the chamber. Their plan had worked; the giant creature was floating on the surface, bloated and coated in in grey slime.

Bill was the first to clamber onto the creature. He pried its three red eyes out, passing them to the slightly disgusted Slugsworth. "VERY MAGICAL", he shouted, "GOOD FOR POTIONS." To the party's horror, he punctured one of the eyes and took a drink. He grinned, glowing with faint magical light. "YES GOOD," he said, offering the melon-sized orb to the rest of the party. No one else indulged.

Side Note: Bill gained the telekinetic shove ability for his trouble - the first positive effect from ingesting strange creatures in several sessions.

The party put the remaining eyes in a chest on the surface, packed them in snow, and returned to the now-frozen tunnels (30). They walked over the ice to the strange egg-shaped chairs and the control panel. Touching the chairs caused them to light up and pulse with faint white light. An amber gem on the console also lit up for each chair.

Bill, a sensible wizard, convinced Cazael to sit in a chair, reached out, and flailed at the console, and swatted the button corresponding to the fighter's chair. Cazael vanished with a scream as the chair plummeted down an enormously deep well shaft. There was a very faint splash a few moments later.

Everyone looked carefully at the console, which now had a blue light on the gem corresponding to the fighter's vanished chair. The Paladin shrugged, hopped into another chair, and pressed his button as well. He also vanished, though his descent featured several loud crashing noises.

The Paladin and Cazael found themselves floating on an underground river, using their glowing chairs as boats. They paddled closer together, lashed the boats together with rope, and began to worriedly examine their surroundings. Their lanterns revealed nothing but water. However, the water ahead of them seemed noisier and more turbulent, as some titanic waterfall or chasm lay ahead.

Meanwhile, up above, Bill prodded one of the blue buttons. After a brief pause, Cazael's chair began moving backwards, against the current. When it reached its original position it rocketed upwards, depositing the soaked and shivering fighter in front of his companions. The second button also retrieve the Paladin, though his chute seemed to be partially clogged with fallen rocks, as he arrived in a spray of gravel and dust.

"SPLENDID", Bill said, as the rest of the party glowered.

"Why don't we go check out that iron door in the dead monster pool instead?" Slugsworth suggested, to prevent any further experiments with the chairs.

Once again, the party found themselves examining the bloated corpse of the tentacled creature. Cazael stripped off his armour and, after some encouragement, dove into the water to look for treasure. He found a few gold items, then, after further encouragement, decided to open the underwater iron door. He tied a rope around his waist and gave the other end to Slugsworth. After a few turns of the central lock, the door opened, then swung wide. The rush of water and the descending tentacle monster nearly drowned the fighter; the room on the other side had been full of air, not water. The party hauled their friend out, dried him off, and decided to return to camp.

The next morning, the party loaded up their remaining wagon and began the long trek back to civilization. Cazael was given the fearful task of holding the matter-evaporating ball bearing on a glass rod. Swainson and Wonderwood towed the floating obelisk, steering it with ropes and trying to aim it. Everyone else helped guide the overloaded cart or rode alongside, saddlebags bulging.

The party reached Lost Pass just before midnight but, after a rather undiplomatic encounter with the locals, decided to press on. While guiding the obelisk down a mountain path, well ahead of the rest of the party, Swainson and Wonderwood spotted a strange deer-owl-thing sitting in the middle of the road, its eyes glowing in the moonlight. Acting in unison, the hawkling and the Elf aimed the speeding obelisk straight at it. The creature barely had time to cry out, "Halt, fair...." before being smushed into a glowing paste.

Willing to risk it, Wonderwood stopped to scoop some of the paste into a potion flask filled with red eyeball fluid. Blue crystals began to form. Pleased, she stowed the flask and moved on. Several hours later, the crystals had grown to the size peas and the flask was glowing with raw magic. According to Bill, the potion would either explode or neutralize itself in a matter of minutes. There was only one thing to do. As the rest of the party hid behind a hedge, Bill drank the potion.

The wormling wizard sprouted antlers. He grinned as  his ears popped and healed; his deafness was cured! And he felt fantastic! He almost seemed to hover. His eyes shone with a silver gleam.

After asking several  important questions, such as, "Do you feel evil?", "Do you feel like exploding?", "Can you say a prayer?", "Are you sure you don't feel like exploding?", the party decided Bill was no longer a significant risk, and resumed their journey.

They reached the city of Boyer the next morning. A veritable orgy of commerce commenced. The three major wizarding colleges of Boyer - the famous and well-respected Garden Wizard college of Thrumsbury, the smaller but daring Illusionist college of Stoke, and the very dismal Elderstone Orthodox Wizard Outreach Branch - all competed to buy the various magical items offered by the party.  Slugsworth had secretly stolen a huge hoard of gems and earned three times as much as anyone else. The Paladin donated vast sums to the Church. Their pockets practically bursting with gold, the party retired to the finest inn that would admit them.

Their future was uncertain. Steam Hill still had unexplored chambers and strange subterranean mysteries. Their original missing - locating the bandit knight Sir Gilesworth - was still incomplete. Would they survive magical capitalism and their own meddling tendencies? Was Bill really OK? And what message did the mysterious owl-deer-thing want to deliver before its untimely death?


OSR: 1d500 Biological Mutations

Every good D&D game needs a huge mutation table. Ideas stolen from every free table I could find on the net, including:
Elf Maids & Octopi (indexed here).
Monster Manual Sewn From Pants (table 1 and 2)

Also, if you like this sort of thing, go get The Metamorphica. More mutations!

These mutations are designed to be mostly biological rather than supernatural. There's an approximately even mix of benefits, penalties, and cosmetic changes. It's not exactly balanced... but who cares?

Wizards can gain mutations through spell mishaps. Everyone else can get them via the usual routes: untested potions, octarine light, eating strange meat, and accumulating curses.
Benny Kusnoto

PDF Version.

And if you don't like the format or you find spelling errors... tough! I wrote it for me, not you. :D

1d500 Mutations
1 Grotesque. Distressingly deformed, scarred, or mangled. -6 Charisma, then roll again on this table.
2 Corrupted Organs. Your guts writhe. Whenever you gain a Fatal Wound, everyone in 30' must Save vs Fear.
3 Bat Wings. Huge, flappy. Fly speed equal to your Movement speed.
4 Burst of Speed.  Once per day, can double movement for 10 minutes.
5 Barrel Chest. +1d6 Constitution, +1d6 HP.
6 Lamarckian Evolution. One hand turns into a random tool. Roll on the Professions table.
7 Hooved. 2 of your legs end in hooves. No effect.
8 Unstable. On death, parasitic limbs try to grapple nearby targets, fuse to them.
9 Crab Arm. One hand becomes a claw. 1d8 crushing damage, -4 Attack to hit.
10 Hook Fingers. Locked and bony. 1d6 damage claw attack, but cannot hold weapons.
11 Patterned Skin. Stripes. 
12 Inside Out. Horrible. Charisma becomes 2, HP is halved.
13 Hole. Mysterious hole right through your forehead. 
14 Poison Spot. Bright blue, the size of a coin. Anyone touching it must Save or die. Migrates.
15 1000 Noses. They cover your body. You can smell as well as sight up to 30'.
16 Extra Mouths. Gain 2d6 extra mouths on your head and neck. 
17 Neck Frill. Can inflate to frighten beasts. May require a Morale check.
18 Foul Stench. Burnt meat and hair. -4 Stealth.
19 Magnetic Sense. Can detect magnetic north unless near a strong magnetic field or iron.
20 Hinged Head. Enormous toothy grin, ear to ear. Head opens like a box.
21 Leathery Hide. Base Defense becomes 12 instead of 10.
22 Lightning Speed. You become incredibly nimble. Your Movement increased by 2d6.
23 Venomous. Your natural attacks (bite, claw, etc.) deal an extra 1d4 poison damage.
24 Spike Teeth. Long and serrated.
25 The Vapours. You emit clouds of stinking yellow vapour from your ears. -6 Stealth.
26 Milk. 1 ration's worth per day. Painful if neglected for more than 3 days.
27 Monkey Tail. Can grip items. +4 bonus to any climbing tests.
28 Bizarre Colour. Your skin flickers between two colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, octarine).
29 Leather Skin. Lumpy and warty. Cannot wear armour. Defense as Leather.
30 Insane Risks. No sense of danger. Immune to Fear. Will take some but not all precautions.
31 Pheromones. Repels insects, 20' radius.
32 Atrophy. One your limbs becomes withered and useless.
33 Inverted. Legs swap with arms. Movement unimpeded. Writing and delicate tasks are difficult. 
34 Hulking Arms. They grow huge as your legs shrink. You can walk on them. +1d6 Strength.
35 Sensitive Skin. Unpleasant, itchy rash from touching silver.
36 Bird Wings. Vestigial. Cannot fly.
37 Stabbing Limb. One arm becomes a sharp point of bone. As a dagger.
38 Mute. Your tongue disappears. 
39 Spores. On death, coat a 30' radius in purple hallucinogenic spores.
40 Unusual Genitals. Whatever you had going on down there is different and weird now.
41 Single Bird Wing. Roll for location. Useless.
42 Feeble Jaw. Enormous overbite.
43 Third Eye. On your forehead.
44 Dog Face. Face of a houndling.
45 Perfect Memory. Can Save vs Intelligence to recall incredibly trivial details.
46 Bad Posture. Head swapped with leg. May need to hop. -4 Movement.
47 Skin Flaps. Like flying squirrel wings. Cannot use them to fly or even fall slowly.
48 Long Nose. Protruding, sharp.
49 Strange Walk. You joints fire in an odd order. Reduce your Movement by 1.
50 Crown of Tentacles. 2d10 tiny tentacles grow in a ring around your head. No effect.
51 Spider Neck. On death, head is revealed to be a giant spider living on top of your body.
52 Mental Backsliding. -1d6 to Intelligence. Cannot read or write. 
53 Hair Migration. All of it migrates to one side of your head in a huge tuft.
54 Cyclops. All your eyes migrate to the centre of your forehead and fuse into one.
55 The Fits. Your mind isn't quite right. Save vs bright light or flail about for 1d6 rounds.
56 Boiling Obesity. Fat fills up 4+1d6 of your Inventory Slots. Roll the 1d6 every morning.
57 Finger Mouths. Every finger ends in a tiny lamprey mouth. Can eat with them.
58 Rearrangeable. You can slide your limbs around to new positions. 1 hour per limb.
59 Fly Cluster. A pocket of writhing fly legs appears on one of your arms.
60 Toe Growth. Your big toes grow as large as the rest of your foot. You will need new boots.
61 Alluring Face. All your facial blemishes migrate to a spot on your back. +2 Charisma. 
62 Strange Voice. Something has gone awry with your vocal cords. Your voice sounds like a distressed cat.
63 Fractal Fingers. One hand only. Cannot drop objects held in that hand. 2d1000 fingers.
64 Horrible Bloating. Something is wrong with your guts. Save every time you eat a ration or take 1 damage.
65 Foul Stench. Rotting fish and boiled hooves. -4 Stealth.
66 Bilious Vomit. 10' cone, 1d4 damage. Requires 1 ration to recharge. No other effect from the ration.
67 Illusion of Normality. You revert to your normal, original form until you fail your next Save. 
68 Concealed Mutation. 1d6 of your mutations fade, appearing only when you are stressed or damaged.
69 Bloated Tongue. Doesn't fit in your mouth. Makes speaking difficult.
70 Revival. A missing body part, organ, or limb regenerates fully.
71 Spider Gland. You can excrete 10' of rope per day.
72 1000 Eyes. They cover your body. -1d6 Charisma. You cannot be Surprised.
73 Second Face. On your stomach. It can see and smell but not hear or speak.
74 Metal Skin. Your skin is covered in metal plates. You cannot swim or wear armour. Your base defense is 18.
75 Migratory Fingers. Rearranged on hands, pointing in all directions. Cannot hold weapons.
76 Neck Pouch. Inflates, becomes big and red. 
77 Puny. You shrivel like a raisin, shrinking to a quarter of your former size. -1d6 to all stats.
78 Glandular. Cheerful. Nothing can go wrong. Everything will turn out for the best.
79 Frog Tongue. As a whip. 
80 Face Bubble. Eyes are protected by a clear dome across face.
81 Glow Pockets. Can glow (as a candle) at will. 
82 Goat Horns. Small and pointy.
83 Climber's Eye. You gain a +4 bonus to plan climbing routes. You want to be high up.
84 Elastic Face. Features slide around in wild animation as you talk.
85 Spell Tumor. Gain 1 random spell in a lump on your head. It casts at a random hour, with random targets.
86 Chameleon Eyes. Bulge, can look in 2 directions at once.
87 Pelican Mouth. +2 Inventory Slots.
88 Detachable Tail. Newt-like. Falls off if you lose 6 HP in one hit.
89 Suckers. Your fingers end in suction cups. You can pick up anything.
90 Extra Lobes. +1d6 Intelligence.
91 Thick Skull. -1d6 Intelligence, +1d6 Constitution. Cannot be Stunned by physical attacks.
92 Oily. All bodily fluids can be used as (smelly) lamp oil. 1 flask per day normally.
93 Tentacle Fingers. All wiggly.
94 Strange Voice. Something has gone awry with your vocal cords. Your voice sounds like a faxed duck.
95 Spores. On death, coat a 30' radius in thick yellow spores. 
96 Turtle Shell. Base Defense is 16 (as Plate). Cannot wear armour or clothes. -1d6 Dexterity.
97 Swap. GM picks a mutation you currently have and replaces it with one rolled on this table.
98 Unstable. Any body part chopped off combusts in 1d6 rounds.
99 Breasts. 2x1d6. In rows.
100 Patterned Skin. Squares or checks. 
101 Pig Tail. Curly.
102 Coloured Pupils. Pick a colour (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Octarine)
103 Compound Eyes. Whole bunch of little eyeballs, like a raspberry.
104 Detachable Leg. Falls off if you take 6 damage in one round. Can be reattached.
105 Telescoping Neck. Can grow or shrink as needed. Not very useful.
106 Baby Bird Heads. A ring of them around your neck. They cheep silently.
107 Strange Voice. Something has gone awry with your vocal cords. Your voice sounds like a clogged drain.
108 Suggestible. You must Save vs commands.
109 Worm. Your legs fuse into one. You have difficulty climbing and riding a horse.
110 Confident. You are absolutely convinced your mutations make you sexually appealing. Others may disagree.
111 Evil Eye. One of your eyes becomes black and weeps tar-like tears. 
112 1000 Ears. They cover your body. You can hear as well as sight up to 30'.
113 Trouble With Names. Everyone is "that guy" if you're in a hurry. Can find name in 2d6 rounds.
114 Mimic. You can mimic all voices, music, and natural sounds.
115 Wattles. Like a rooster. 
116 Slime Trail. You sweat a horrible stinking ooze. 
117 Mysterious Dot. You project a red dot from one eye. 100' range, very bright.
118 Headless. Your head shrinks into your chest. Eyes, ears, nose, etc. Migrate appropriately.
119 Compulsive Dancing. Save every time your hear music or dance along.
120 Earthworm Blood. Your blood is now earthworms.
121 Stabbing Limb. One arm becomes a long serrated spike of of bone. As a sword.
122 Donkey Ears. Tufted.
123 Sensitive Eyes. Cannot bear direct sunlight.
124 Scorpion Tail. +1 attack per round dealing 1d4 poison damage.
125 Mantis Arm. One arm gains several extra joints. Can extend to 10' long, folds up to normal size.
126 Insect Hatred. All insects instinctively fear or hate you. People are immune.
127 Mind Split. You start hearing voices. The voices are you, or part of you. They offer terrible advice.
128 Bad Posture. Head swapped with arm. 
129 Two Necks. Attached to one head. Tricky to decapitate. Can sing in harmony with self.
130 Lamarckian Evolution. One hand turns into a terrible version of the last tool you used.
131 Asymmetry. Everything you have 2 of you now have 1 of. Roll to see if it's on the left or right side.
132 Iron Nails. Fingernails, toenails, and teeth of iron. You can chew through leather.
133 1000 Sores. They cover your body. -1d6 Charisma and Constitution.
134 Comb. Like a rooster.
135 Trouble With Nouns. Everything is a "thing" if you're in a hurry. Can find word in 2d6 rounds.
136 Serrated Teeth. All your teeth become fearsomely sharp. You deal 1d6 damage on a bite.
137 Resilient. Reduce all incoming physical damage by 1.
138 Booming Hoot. Once per day, can hoot incredibly loudly. 1 mile radius.
139 Iron Skin. Flakes in rusty layers. Cannot wear armour. Defense as Chain.
140 Bristly Beard. Black, long, and coarse.
141 Pin Face. Head shrinks to a narrow point. Eyes on either side like tennis balls. -1d6 to all stats.
142 Long Spine. Legs shrink to keep height the same.
143 Temperature Sensitive Hair. Varies from purple (cold) to red (steaming hot).
144 Retractable Head. Can shrink into torso, leaving only hair exposed.
145 Pheromones. Insects find you very attractive and want to lick you.
146 Goat Legs. 2 of your legs become goat legs. You are not slowed by broken or rocky terrain.
147 Unsettling Laughter. Your laugh requires small children, hirelings, etc. to make a Morale check.
148 Bizarre Colour. Your skin becomes a new colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, octarine)
149 Musk Gland. For marking territory. Smells intriguing.
150 Stinging Skin. Anyone you touch must Save or be Stunned for 1 round.
151 Ink Skin. You can cause words to appear on your arms by concentrating.
152 Claws. Your fingers fuse into sharp claws. You cannot hold weapons. You claws do 1d6 slashing damage.
153 Thirsty. You desire water all the time. You drink twice as much water as normal.
154 Horse Tail.
155 Feathered Skin. You are covered in rainbow feathers.
156 Evil Eye. One of your eyes becomes green and wobbly. If you die, it becomes a slime.
157 Duplication. Split in half. Reduce all your Stats by 1d6 and your HP by half. Your "twin" rolls new stats and HP.
158 Wracked. Your body twists and deforms. -1d6 Constitution.
159 Spindle Arm. A new one, red and feeble. Stick it into a fresh corpse to make it walk and talk.
160 Hunchback. You store a huge heap of fat on your back. Take twice as long to starve.
161 Corpulent. Fat fills up 4 of your Inventory Slots.
162 Mooncalf. Your head becomes silver and swollen. You gain the effect of a ration from 4 hours in moonlight.
163 Eyestalk. One of your eyes extends on a tube. It can see around corners or look behind you.
164 Neuter. Your genitals fly away on little bat wings. They frighten drunk monks at night.
165 Rabbit Ears.
166 Mouse Blood. Your blood is now mice.
167 Glue Blood. Your blood is now glue. At 0 HP or below, any hits trap the weapon used to hit you.
168 Egg Laying. Once a week. Eggs are self-fertilized, hatch into horrible malicious mini-clones.
169 The Fits. Your mind isn't quite right. If you fail a Save vs Fear, you flail about for 1d6 rounds.
170 Grinding Throat. Can eat tough objects (leather, wood). No extra benefit, but you can do it.
171 No Lips. Exposed teeth and gums. Dribbly. 
172 Gaseous Guts. Whenever you gain a Fatal Wound, everyone in 30' must Save or be poisoned (1d4 damage)
173 Goat Horns. Large and curled.
174 Forehead homunculus. A tiny version of you, from the waist up, grows from where your face used to be.
175 Patterned Skin. Halved, with each half a different shade.
176 1000 Mouths. They cover your body. -1d6 Charisma. You can shout really loudly.
177 Cold Blooded. Extremely slow at low temperatures.
178 Caustic Spray. New pulsing glands on back. Can fire 20' cone, 2d6 acid damage, smells awful.
179 Starskin. Skin becomes jet black with faint white stars. 
180 Fish Hatred. All fish instinctively fear or hate you. People are immune.
181 Migrating Eyes. They move as far apart on your face as they can, as if repelled by magnets.
182 Hunchback. You grow a migratory lump on your back.
183 Frenzy. Gain the Rage trait (as Barbarian). Select a trigger (goats, heights, etc.). Save if you encounter it.
184 Feathered Skin. You are covered in white and black feathers.
185 Filter Tongue. Like a butterfly net, 2' long. Can scoop fish out of water or filter soup.
186 Long Nose. Bulbous, like a mushroom.
187 Patterned Skin. Disruptive camouflage. No effect.
188 Enhanced Genitals. Whatever you had going on down there is different and better now.
189 Gasbag. Your stomach bloats. You hover and float like a balloon. 
190 Frog Eyes. Bulge and retract every time you swallow.
191 Spare Legs. Current legs divide into three. Shuffle at normal speed.
192 Finger Frills. 3d10 tiny fingers up and down your neck and ribcage.
193 Shark Teeth. Whole mouth full of them. 1d6 bite damage. 
194 Carnivore. Can only eat meat for rations.
195 Warts. All over the place.
196 Fire Breath. 30' cone, 1d6 damage, once per day.
197 Second Brain. In your guts. +1d6 Intelligence. If decapitated, you can live (blind, deaf, and dumb, but alive).
198 Wonderful Odour. +1d6 Charisma. Smells of spices.
199 Addiction. You desire turnips. You take 1d6 Int. and Con. damage each day you do not have a turnip.
200 Unstable. If you take 4 fire damage in 1 round, Save or explode. 3d6 damage, 20' radius.
201 Gulper. You can eat something up to 2x your current size and still walk, very slowly.
202 Crown of Arms. 2d10 tiny arms grow in a ring around your head. No effect.
203 Blowhole. You can breathe through the top of your head or your normal mouth.
204 Milk. 1x[# of breasts]+1 ration's worth per day. Painful if neglected for more than 3 days.
205 Grappling Hand. On tendons. Can throw it 10', retract. Cannot lift you. Can pull light things.
206 Long Legs. Gain an extra joint and 1' in height.
207 Long Neck. Can rotate 360 degrees and peer around corners.
208 Lamprey Mouth. Can suck on a creature to gain 1 HP every 5 minutes.
209 Extra Toes. 2d10 extra toes per foot.
210 Poison Gas Breath. 30' cone, 1d6 damage, once per day.
211 Youth. De-age 2d10 years.
212 Rabbit Teeth.
213 Very Warm. +4 to Save vs Cold. Like a clay oven.
214 Unbalanced Legs. One grows strong and thick. The other withers. -2 Movement.
215 Frenzy. Gain the Rage trait (as Barbarian). Save each combat or activate it.
216 Teeth Warts. Molars all over.
217 Bat Wings. Vestigial. Cannot fly.
218 Dribbly. Your mouth salivates constantly, leaving a trail of slime down your front.
219 Fly Cluster. A pocket of writhing fly legs appears on the back of your head.
220 Bird Hands. From the elbow down. Like chicken legs with four scaly fingers.
221 Blood Fountain. Take 1d6 damage to spray blood from your pores 10' in all directions.
222 Bird Legs. 2 of your legs become bird legs. You can run twice as fast.
223 Multiple Heads. 1d6 additional heads on your neck. The size of apples. They mutter and glare.
224 Egg Laying. Once a week. Eggs are probably unfertilized. Taste delicious.
225 Bloat Bladder. If you fail a Save vs Fear, you inflate to a comical size. 
226 Tentacle Leg. Horrible and bendy, but it still works.
227 Anosmic. Your nose disappears.
228 Palm Spines. Your hands are very adhesive. You can climb anything a spider could climb.
229 Worm Warts. All over. Like earthworms half embedded in your skin.
230 Stump Teeth. Little white pegs.
231 Hive Belly. A swarm of insects grows in your stomach. They buzz al the time.
232 Pheromones. Creatures of your race and the same gender find you very attractive.
233 Third Eye. Roll for location.
234 Long Nose. And 2d10 extra nostrils. Like a pepper pot.
235 Sensitive. You need to Save to fall asleep each night.
236 Hideous Morphing. Remove all current mutations. Roll once on this table for each mutation removed.
237 Crab Legs. 2d6 of them, replacing your normal legs. Can scuttle sideways at normal speed.
238 Pheromones. Creatures of your race and opposite gender find you very attractive.
239 Fast. You become slightly more nimble. Your Movement increased by 1d6.
240 Extra Head. Identical to your current one, but mirrored. No bonuses due to bickering.
241 Reactive Mutability. One hand grows to resemble anything you hold in the other hand. 
242 The Vapours. Your breath comes out in foggy white burps. -2 Stealth.
243 Antlers. Two of them. Can be used as a club.
244 Huge Veins. They throb dangerously.
245 Lightning Breath. 30' cone, 1d6 damage, once per day.
246 Flesh Hose. Connects arm to torso.
247 Dire Straits. Roll again twice. You get both mutations.
248 Photosynthetic. You become green. You gain the effect of a ration from 4 hours in sunlight.
249 Detachable Arm. Falls off if you take 6 damage in one round. Can be reattached.
250 Blindness. All your eyes fly away and roost in a nearby tree or crevice. 
251 Sensitive Skin. Unpleasant, itchy rash from touching copper.
252 Agile. Your limbs become longer and whip-quick. +1d6 Dexterity.
253 Feather Frill. Brightly coloured feathers around your neck. 
254 Splinter Teeth. Your teeth are now glassy, brittle, horrible and pointy. 
255 Ridges. All over, up and down your back and sides.
256 Acidic Slobber. Can dribble a moderately strong acid on people. 
257 Second Stomach. You can eat and store 1 ration or potion for later use.
258 Fish Love. All fish instinctively want to be your friend. People are immune.
259 Hunchback. Your spine bends upwards.
260 Misshapen. May no longer run or ride a horse. Reduce Movement by 1/2.
261 Faulty Memory. Must Save vs Intelligence to recall details. Will lie to conceal ignorance.
262 Swap. Pick a mutation you currently have and replace it with one rolled on this table.
263 Frog Eyes. They grow large and bulging.
264 Emaciated. Reduce Strength, Constitution, and HP by 1d4. Need to eat 1 extra Ration per day.
265 Hydra. If head cut off, Save. If passed, 2 new heads emerge.
266 Hypnotic Eye. Lock eyes with a creature of 2 HD or less. It must Save or be stunned.
267 Lightning Touch. Your skin tingles with electricity. No effect, but you are annoying to touch.
268 Addiction. You desire alcohol. You take 1d6 Int. and Con. damage each day you do not have a drink.
269 Grey Hairs. Age 2d10 years.
270 Wyrdsight. One eye can see souls. 
271 Spike Chin. Like a doorstop. 
272 Amoebic. You can split and reform yourself. Each half has half stats, half HP. Infinite splittings available.
273 Joint Reversal. All your knees and elbows now bend the other way.
274 Detachable Limbs. Your arms, legs, and head can be removed and reattached.
275 Ant Feelers. Eyes vanish. Can navigate by smell only (30' range).
276 Extra Arm. Sticks off your back. It can hold things but it's not very convenient.
277 Skin Slough. Your skin falls off, exposing muscles and sinew. Charisma becomes 2. -4 to Save vs Disease.
278 Extra Arm. Sticks off your side. It can hold things including an extra weapon or a shield.
279 Brittle spines. Useless, floppy spines on all sides. Cannot wear armour. Constantly shedding spines.
280 Whiskers. They sense air currents and vibrations. +1d6 Wisdom.
281 Foul Stench. Sharp metallic vomit. -4 Stealth.
282 Bird Wings. Huge, flappy. Fly speed equal to your Movement speed.
283 Heart Cannon. Can fire heart at target, as a thrown dagger. Then Save vs Death.
284 Lantern Jaw. Enormous underbite.
285 Twitchy. Something's wrong with your nerves. You vibrate and fidget at all times.
286 Spindle Arm. A new one, red and feeble. Stick it into a fresh corpse to learn its secrets.
287 Swap. Random mutation you currently is replaced with one rolled on this table.
288 Slit Nostrils. Like a snake. Nose disappears.
289 Beak. Your mouth becomes a chicken's beak. 
290 Vigorous Soul. +2 to Save vs Magic. You gain an ironclad ego.
291 Flesh Hose. Connects head to torso.
292 Cravings. You are hungry all the time. You consume twice as many rations as normal.
293 Signal Pods. Two tentacles grow from your shoulders. The tips glow like matches. 
294 Toxic Blood. Immune to poison and disease. At 0 HP or below, any hits deal 1d4 damage to attacker.
295 Hindbrain. Can sleep while walking or riding a horse.
296 Secret Proboscis. Can extend to drink water or other liquids from tall glasses.
297 Glorious Skin. Your skin becomes soft, smooth, and faintly luminescent. Gain 1d6 Charisma.
298 Tar Blood. You bleed black tar.
299 Perfect Teeth. A winning smile. +1d6 Charisma.
300 Life-Eater. Need to eat 1 living creature a day or take 1d6 damage. Vermin work.
301 Fur. Sprouts in tufts..
302 Retract. You can return to your normal form for 1d6 minutes per day.
303 Flipper Feet. -2 Movement on land, +2 Movement in water.
304 Enormous Head. Your head swells to twice its usual size.
305 Mind Split. You start hearing voices. The voices are you, or part of you. Second thoughts are good. +1d6 Int.
306 Second Mouth. Inside the first one. Repeats what you say with a very slight delay. 
307 Glass Flesh. Blue-white and brittle. Any fall damage you take is doubled.
308 Mental Regression. -4 to Intelligence. Cannot read, write, or cast spells. 
309 Mindless. Intelligence becomes 1. You obey any stern, simple order. Maybe time for a new character?
310 Pinecone Skull. Your head fold and ripples into a layered, complex shape.
311 Insect Love. All insects instinctively want to be your friend. People are immune.
312 Patterned Skin. Spotted. 
313 Huge. You grow, unevenly. Gain 1d6 Strength, Constitution, and HP. Lose 1d6 Intelligence.
314 Owl Eyes. Large but very deep set.
315 Mutable. If you have sex with someone, randomly allocate mutations between participants.
316 Unstable. On death, body flails and runs around mindlessly for 10 minutes.
317 People-Eater. Can only eat people for rations.
318 Mirrored Hands. They swap sides. 
319 Tentacle Arm. One arm only. Works as normal, but slimy and flexible.
320 Synthesia. Your senses are confused and miswired. You taste colours, etc. -1d6 Wisdom.
321 Manic. Choose a repetitive activity (knitting, screaming, etc.) Replaces sleep. Still takes 4hrs.
322 Head Rotation. Flips upside-down on your head.
323 Centipede. Your legs fuse and then grow 10x1d10 little legs. You move and climb normally.
324 Lumps. All over the place. The size of apples.
325 Glow Pockets. Constantly glowing. Too dim to use to navigate, but easy to spot. -4 Stealth.
326 Well Protected. You are immune to most diseases. Your white blood cells are ant-sized.
327 Hole. Mysterious hole right through your torso. 
328 Lightning Blood. Immune to lightning. At 0 HP or below, any hits deal 1d6 damage to attacker.
329 Wheezing Voice. Cannot shout. Breathe in or out every three words.
330 Retractable Claws. Like a cat. 1d4 damage.
331 Strange Voice. Something has gone awry with your vocal cords. Your voice drops three octaves.
332 Breast. Just the one. If you already had some, you get a spare.
333 Dire Straits. Roll again twice. Other players vote secretly on which mutation you get.
334 Head Crest. A bony ridge sprouts along your forehead. 
335 Detachable Head. Falls off if you take 6 damage in one round. Can be reattached.
336 Gills. You can breathe underwater.
337 Snake Tongue. Can extend up to 1'. 
338 Bizarre Colour. Your skin glows a new colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, octarine)
339 No Nails. Toenails and fingernails vanish. 
340 Petal Ears. Like flowers. Big, fleshy flowers.
341 Chameleon Skin. +4 Stealth.
342 Anemone Head. Crown of orange tentacles. Sting deals 1d4 damage.
343 Utterly Jaded. Gain a +8 to Save vs Fear.
344 Mismatched Flesh. Lots of lines and ripples. -1d6 HP.
345 Prehensile Feet. Function as hands.
346 Out of Phase. You can hover through solid objects by taking 1d6 damage per round.
347 Blindness. All your eyes go milky white.
348 Colour Ripple. You are always the colour of the sky overhead.
349 Occasional Scales. Not quite lizard, not quite fish, not quite total coverage.
350 Glue Toes. Your toes dribble sticky glue. Can't use it to climb. Slowly fills up boots.
351 Long Bone Cannon. Can fire bones from arms (as crossbow). Arms are floppy afterwards.
352 Feathered Skin. You develop patches of feathers.
353 Cubic. Your body becomes a sort of cube, with your limbs and head at separate corners.
354 Rabbit Legs. Jump twice as high.
355 Rocket Fingers. You can fire your fingers as thrown daggers. The fingers do not come back.
356 Fur. Coats your head and back. 
357 Second Face. On the back of your head. Has all the normal senses, can speak.
358 Foul Spit. As a thrown dagger, 1d4 acid damage. Once per round, instead of attacking.
359 Compressible. Squishy. Can squeeze under a door, given time. 
360 Goat Face. Face of a goatling.
361 Curdling Scent. Something you emit curdles milk and blisters paint. -1d6 Charisma.
362 Folding Limbs. Any extra limbs you have or gain can be folded away inside your torso.
363 Spare Organs. A hairy hump with a heart, lung, liver, and stomach grows on your back.
364 Rash. Horrible red lumps with white heads coat part of your body. They migrate with the moon's phases.
365 Powerful Legs. Thick tendons and springy joints. +2 Movement.
366 Ethereal Feelers. They sense danger. +1d6 Wisdom.
367 Mammal Hatred. All mammals instinctively fear or hate you. People are immune.
368 Bat Ears. Can sense 30' in the dark by clicking.
369 Fins. One on your back, two on your sides. +2 Movement in water.
370 Split Direction. If you are angry, gain +2 Strength. If you are calm, gain +2 Intelligence.
371 Craven. Gain a -4 to Save vs Fear.
372 Iron Hair. Spikes and wires. Cannot wear hats; need to shave with clippers. Painful.
373 Dead Black Eyes. Like a doll's eyes. +2 Save vs Fear.
374 Crystal Skin. Your skin is brittle and rocky. You cannot swim.
375 Deafness. Your ears pop (like blisters).
376 Goat Eyes. Square pupils.
377 Addiction. You desire blood. You take 1d6 Int. and Con. damage each day you do not have a drink.
378 Slab Hands. Fingers fuse together. Can still hold weapons. Save to perform delicate tasks.
379 Boils. Horrible red lumps all over your body. Save vs Wisdom to sleep.
380 Mammal Love. All mammals instinctively want to be your friend. People are immune.
381 Spherical. All protrusions retract. Can extend legs and arms, but can also roll.
382 Quick Nerves. +1d6 Dexterity and Wisdom. 
383 Dire Straits. Roll again twice. GM decides which mutation you get.
384 Weak Grip. Cannot hold anything heavier than a pen in your hands.
385 Snake Arm. A new one. Like an eyeless, noseless boa constrictor. Disobedient.
386 Chameleon Skin. No bonus to hiding, as it always shifts to vibrant colours.
387 Albino. All pigment and colour leaches from your body. Your eyes are pink.
388 Hydrophobic. Water slides off you. 
389 Heat-Sensing Eye. 30' range. Can see invisible creatures, etc.
390 Giant Antlers. 1d6 sets of them. Take up 1 Inventory Slot each. +1 Defense (total, no matter how many.)
391 Lizard Tail.
392 Hydra. If limb cut off, Save. If passed, 2 new limbs emerge.
393 Needle Beak. Your lips are replaced with a sharp pointed beak. Too delicate to use as a weapon.
394 Ant Face. Face of an antling.
395 Sugar Sticky. 1 person can lick you for 2 hours to gain the benefit of 1 ration.
396 Feather Crest. Wiggles up and down with your emotional state. Makes bluffing difficult.
397 Ant Feelers. Can tell doppelgangers and illusions from real creatures.
398 Hand Migration. They move to your elbows.
399 Cilia Lips. Wriggly. Seals food inside. Like kissing a millipede.
400 Second Feet. 2 of  your legs have second, backwards-facing feet. No effect.
401 Second Face. On your lower back. It can see, smell, and speak but not hear.
402 Massive Brain. +1d6 Intelligence. Brain pokes out of your head. Cannot wear a helmet.
403 Vertical Eyelids. They blink sideways. 
404 Slug Slime. Can slowly climb any surface a slug could climb. Always sticky.
405 Fangs. Your canine teeth sharpen. You deal 1d4 damage on a bite.
406 Elongated skull. Grows backwards, bulging oddly.
407 Locust Blood. You bleed flying locusts. No effect, but they fly around if you are hit.
408 Musk Gland. For marking territory. Smells like old socks.
409 Migratory Mouth. It roves across your body like a slug. 
410 Gyroscopic Guts. -1d6 Constitution, +1d6 Dexterity. Cannot be knocked prone.
411 Butterfly Wings. Cannot fly, but they do look pretty.
412 Sensitive Skin. Unpleasant, itchy rash from touching iron.
413 Organ Vomit. You can throw up your stomach to distract predators by taking 1d6 damage.
414 Homunculi Gland. If you are killed, a new version of you with 1/2 all your Stats, HP, and memories bursts free.
415 Mane of Hair. Sticks out in all directions, untameable.
416 Noisy Marrow. Any broken bones cause horrible wailing, hissing noises from the break.
417 Inflatable. If you take a Fatal Wound, you deflate, and can be rolled up like a bedroll.
418 Molten Blood. Your blood is now molten iron. You a very warm. 2 Inventory Slots are filled with Iron Blood.
419 Migratory Teeth. Your teeth swim around under your skin, reemerging at mealtimes. No effect.
420 Boneless. Gain +1d6 Dexterity. You can squeeze through gaps as small as your head.
421 Stabbing Limb. One arm becomes a telescoping spear of sinew and bone. As a spear.
422 Poison Spines. Quills on all sides. Cannot wear armour. 1d6+1d4 poison damage by running into people.
423 Burrowing Nails. If you scratch or slash someone, a nail breaks off and slides into their skin.
424 Eye Cleaners. Instead of blinking, tongues come out to clean your eyes. 
425 Fragile. Increase all incoming physical damage by 1.
426 Burst of Speed. Take 1d6 damage to double movement for 10 minutes.
427 Fluted Face. Your sinus passages become twisted and musical. Woodwind sneezes.
428 Poison Cyst. Any poison you ingest is shunted into a transparent cyst on your waist.
429 Beetle Blood. Your blood is now beetles.
430 Snail Shell. Base Defense is 14 (as Chain). Cannot wear armour. -1d6 Dexterity.
431 Ink Cloud. If you fail a Save vs Fear, you spray ink in a 20' radius. 
432 Evil Eye. One of your eyes becomes red and glows in the dark.
433 Moist. Cannot be set on fire. Reduce all fire damage by 1.
434 Dead Nerves. Immune to pain. Gain 1d6 HP.
435 Extra Leg. Gain an extra leg. It doesn't speed you up or slow you down.
436 Cow Tail.
437 Acid Sweat. Clothes and armour are destroyed in 12 hours. A slap deals 1d4 acid damage.
438 Dismal Genitals. Whatever you had going on down there is different and much less impressive now.
439 Abhor. Pick one thing (rain, leopards, arrows). It abhors you and you abhor it, as if repelled by a magnet.
440 Compound Eyes. Like a fly's.
441 Rubber Flesh. +1d6 HP.
442 Foam Blood. Any Fatal Wound you take fills 1d6 10'x10'x10 cubes with sticky red mist.
443 Flaps. Strange glowing pancake-like things grow from your limbs. 
444 Goop Blood. You bleed thick green goop
445 1000 Tongues. They cover your body. -1d6 Charisma, -4 to Save vs Poison.
446 Dragonfly Wings. Very fragile. Fly speed equal to your Movement speed. Can hover.
447 Parasite Friends. They live in your guts. Need to eat 1 extra Ration per day.
448 Glue Fingers. Your fingertips dribble sticky glue. Can't use it to climb. Gums  up book pages.
449 Bent Face. All facial features migrate to one side and smush together.
450 The Voices. You can hear the other players (not PCs) make jokes sometimes. 
451 Hairless Body. All hair flees in a sudden burst.
452 Trunk. A long prehensile trunk grows on your face. Acts like another arm, but with Strength 4.
453 Elastic Limbs. Your joints rotate in all directions. +1d6 Dexterity.
454 Atrophy. 1d6 of your limbs become withered and useless.
455 Rasp Tongue. Good for cleaning meat off bones.
456 Migrating Genitals. Whatever you had going on down isn't going to be down there for much longer.
457 Very Cold. +4 to Save vs Heat. Almost corpse-like.
458 Solid Blood. You bleed red crystals.
459 Crocodile Face. Face hinges open. Lots of new teeth. Bite attack does 1d6 damage.
460 Fire Blood. Immune to fire. At 0 HP or below, any hits deal 1d6 damage to attacker.
461 Spell Tumour. Gain 1 random spell in a lump on your head. Squeeze lump, cast spell with 2 MD.
462 Colour Ripple. You are always the colour of the thing you are looking at.
463 Large Ears. They double in size. 
464 Asymmetry. Everything you have 2 of you now gain an extra one of. Roll to see if it's on the left or right side.
465 Glandular. Depressed. Everything is awful and nobody cares.
466 Churning Guts. Can eat rotten food as rations.
467 Strange Voice. Something has gone awry with your vocal cords. Your voice rises three octaves.
468 Unstable. On death, burst messily. 2d6 acid damage, 10' radius.
469 Rippling Muscles. +1d6 Strength.
470 Porcupine Spines. Quills on all sides. Cannot wear armour. 1d6 damage by running into people.
471 Moronic. Large parts of your brain grow wings and fly away. -2d6 Intelligence.
472 Spike Tongue. Good for opening bottles but not much else.
473 Secret Pocket. Can hide 1 thing the size of an apple.
474 Spike Warts. All over.
475 Head Crest. Waving tentacles.
476 Bird Leg. Just one. 
477 Unstable. On death, limbs run away to pursue separate diabolical agendas.
478 Rubber Flesh. Any fall damage that would kill you reduces you to 0 HP instead.
479 Tusks. Like a boar. 
480 Thick Fir. Coats your entire body. +4 to Save vs Cold.
481 Unpalatable. You smell unappetizing. Most creatures won't consider you edible.
482 Detachable Genitals. You grow new ones in 1d6 days.
483 Full Body Dandruff. It just flakes off of you. 
484 Wind Blood. At 0 HP or below, you make a horrifying whistling scream. May require a Morale check.
485 Molting. Once per week you shed your skin. Can be used to make coats or blankets.
486 Spiracles. You can breathe through your thighs and ribs. 
487 Atrophy. Your head shrinks to the size of an apple. -1d6 Int, Wis, and Cha.
488 Stiff Joints. Cannot bend knees, elbows as easily. -2 Movement, -1d6 Dexterity
489 Hibernate. You can fall asleep and rest for 1 year without food or water.
490 Mimic. You think you can mimic voices but they always sound eerie and tormented.
491 Mute. Your tongue slides away like a leech.
492 Mimic. If you eat someone's face, your face will look like their face for 1 day.
493 Single Bat Wing. Roll for location. Useless.
494 Herbivore. Can only eat plants for rations.
495 Burst of Arms. 1d6 feeble ones, emerging from one point, just under an armpit. Can hold several things.
496 Extra Fingers. 2d10 extra fingers per hand.
497 Gills. You need to spend at least 4 hours a day in water or you take 1 damage per hour.
498 Stump Legs. Lose a joint and 1' in height.
499 Dead Skin. You lose your sense of touch.
500 Goggle Eyes. Eyes grow to the size of melons. 30' Darkvision, blind in sunlight.